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About Us
 Edward J. Ackman
 President (1976-2016) - Retired 

Ed Ackman passed away in 2019 at the age of 86.  His experience and expertise will be greatly missed.  As a founder of the company he was a successful oil and gas explorationist since 1960, Mr. Ackman has discovered more than 20 important oil fields, including the 10,000,000 barrel “Ackman” field. In 1994, he received the prestigious “Wildcatter of the Year” award which is presented to notable independent explorationists by the Independent Petroleum Association of Mountain States (IPAMS). Mr. Ackman has been active internationally and maintains numerous international contacts in the petroleum industry. Mr. Ackman serves as President of Advantage Resources, Inc. as he has done since its inception in the 1970’s.

 Brian W. Ackman
 President (2016-   ) 

Mr. Ackman is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma (BS) and Colorado School of Mines (MS). He has been exploring for oil and gas for more than 25 years, both domestically and internationally, from the development to new ventures exploration aspects of the industry. He’s worked for majors, large, small independents and even in partnerships (Conoco, Union Texas Petroleum, Edge Petroleum, MAP Exploration). His international experience focuses on the oil provinces of South America and West Africa and ranges in geologic setting from the onshore Bolivian Huamampampa overthrust to the deep waters of the Campos Basin, Brazil. His true passion is geoscience and more specifically the integration of geological / petrophysical data with seismic data in the prestack realm. For Advantage Resources, Mr. Ackman serves as Chief Operating Officer and leads multiple technical teams in the exploration for oil and gas throughout the Rocky Mountain Region. He successfully coordinates all corporate divisions, including Geology, Geophysics, Land, and Legal.

 Louis C. Bortz
 Vice President of Exploration

Mr. Bortz received his Master’s Degree in geology from the University of Nevada and spent over 25 years as a senior exploration geologist with Amoco. During that time, Mr. Bortz contributed to the discovery of numerous large oil fields. He specializes in the detailed correlation of geologic data including well logs and uses that data to map the subsurface stratigraphy throughout the Rocky Mountains. Upon defining drillable prospects, Mr. Bortz designs the drilling and completion programs best suited to each project. He is also active at the executive level in the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG). Since 1986, Mr. Bortz has served as Vice President of Exploration at Advantage Resources.

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